Cathedral Basilica

Catedral Basílica

One of the most beautiful houses of worship in the country, with distinctive gothic style with the added attraction of the Polish Corridor, a ride heights divine city center

It is an immense mass reinforced concrete, with a rea 2500 square meters and a maximum height of 106 meters. Holds 500 faithful. The Temple of a Latin cross within a square, has three ships, highly decorated canopied choir to the high altar and choir for the canons. It was decorated with a profusion of Italian marbles, windows designed by Gerardi and Bonarda, lamps and fine wood. The main doors, and metal, are a beautiful high relief work history Manizales stage the work of Leopoldo Spanish River. It has a tower at each corner topped by images of St. Agnes, San Francisco, St. Mark and St. Paul in honor of its donors and the great central tower where the known Polish Corridor.

White River Reserve

Reserva Río Blanco

At the heart of Colombia, on the Central Cordillera, Hydrological Reserve is located, Forest and White River Ecological Park, three kilometers from the northeastern side of the city of Manizales.

It is a declared national forest reserve 1992 by the Ministry of Agriculture, which is located via the Tuscany neighborhood to 3 mile and a half from the city of Manizales, about 15 minutes in rural, on a road with road accessible but uncovered at a height between 2240 and 3700 meters above sea level, manizales Corpocaldas and water are the entities responsible for this beautiful place of geography in Manizales

Zona Rosa - The Cable

Zona Rosa – El Cable

In the El Cable worth joining one of the 12 coffee bar sector. Mazzao, Soft Café, Hollydays, Buda and Music are one after the other and make difficult the choice. While enjoying a cocktail, in good company and with jazz and pop background, the plan is to see the procession pass.

The road is almost flat, one of the few non-steep paths in this city, famous for sus calles skirts the steep-, lit and crowded.

Parque Natural Los Nevados and Nevado del Ruiz

Parque Natural Los Nevados y Nevado del Ruiz

In Los Nevados National Park is the visitor center The Swan, located 4.050 meters above sea level, is one of the highest mountain huts of Colombia. This park of tall, majestic Andean peaks is located in the jurisdiction of the departments of Caldas, Risaralda, Quindio and Tolima. Snowy peaks Quindio, Santa Isabel, The Swan, The Ruiz and Tolima, all above 4.800 meters above sea level, make up the National Park, home to unique species in the world, among which include the parakeet of the snowy wasteland and Hummingbird.

The visitor center is located in a strategic sector of the Manizales - Brisas-Villamaría, whose landscape complex forest ecosystems, moor, rival Páramo y nival, through moraines resembling lunar landscapes. Also, Otún lagoon offers a serene landscape. In the park you can perform a wide variety of recreational and high mountain sports, which include hiking, the biking, rock climbing and ice, and fishing.

Thought Campus

Recinto del Pensamiento

Being surrounded by clouds of colorful butterflies, fresh air, closely observe a variety of 280 about orchid species, enjoy a walk or aerial view of a misty forest, are just some of the activities offered by the Campus Thought Jaime Restrepo Mejía, located in Manizales, more exactly at km 11 on the route to Magdalena.
Within half an hour, most two, Visitors can take a ride on the chairlift and see much of the infrastructure and the campus landscape from the air Thought, on a tour that lasts 24 minutes; look closely butterfly pollination processes and learn about their mating processes and their names in the Butterfly Observatory, where the native to the region; good energy recharge and enjoy nature doing a tour of the eco trail; look closely at the beauty and variety of orchids Colombian cloud forest own, the Association of Orchid Caldas reintroduced, because there was little native was in the area, by Paulo Cesar Salazar Sepulveda, Tour guide and interpreter Campus Environmental Thought.

Have been more than 10 thousand plants which have been replanted.
You can also learn the history of bamboo pavilion, a unique construction in the world, better known as the pavilion Zeri, built by architect Simon Velez in Manizales 1999.

Ecoparque The Yarumos

Ecoparque Los Yarumos

This park tropical rainforest and is located on the northeastern side in the urban area of ​​Manizales, includes didactic lectures rooms, library, observation paths, campground, home to the ranger, lake, terminus of the aerial cable, square of yarumos, parking, modules for sales of food and crafts, attractive scenarios and playgrounds, nursery, administrative headquarters, service areas, s wing cinema in three dimensions, and a sports center for the practice of various sports.



Subdivision with beautiful views over the valley of Risaralda and Cauca. Pablo Neruda said after a visit to Manila was a "factory sunsets". It has wide range of cuisine and nightlife.

It is the most visited by tourists in Manizales and the inhabitants. It is characterized by the highest part of Manizales is located north of the city, is famous for the great variety of food and games for children.